Company Profile and History


Alert Security Systems cc has been in business for more than forty years and is in fact, the oldest independent alarm installation company in Cape Town.

We started life as Burglar Alarm Centre in 1972, in offices in Claremont on the corner of Campground and Main roads.

In 1975/6, we were involved in the founding of the Cape Town branch of the South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA) as well as liaison with the local SAPS offices. House alarm systems at that time were typically just siren alarms and at that time, the local Police were willing to attend to alarm call-outs which were normally reported by a neighbour and there was no necessity for an Armed Response service or even a central Control Room.

In 1981, we moved to premises in Lansdowne Road above the present Olympic Cycles and changed the company name to Alert Burglar Alarms. We very proudly then set about establishing what, at the time, was the most modern and up-to-date Control Room in Cape Town, still though, without an Armed Response service. That task, was carried out by the SAPS albeit, now under protest.

The company went from strength to strength, employed six Administrative staff and three installation and servicing teams.  We rapidly outgrew our existing offices and in 1989, we purchased our own property, still in Lansdowne Road, adjacent to Brenner’s Clothing and opposite Livingstone High School.  The building had originally been built in 1902, had been at various times, a farmhouse, a dairy, a chip factory, a Chinese takeaway and a greengrocer and was sorely in need of an upgrade.

One year later, the company was the proud owner of a modern-looking (at the time) building with a state of the art Control Room, with every conceivable security feature and were recommended by Insurance Companies and Brokers, as well as a thriving word-of-mouth trade.

At this time, there was a great deal of discussion going on between the SAPS, the Minister of Police and interested stakeholders(The Security companies) as the SAPS could no longer cope with the volume of calls they were receiving in response to alarm calls

Most of our commercial alarm systems were installed on a rental basis which included the maintenance of the system. This scheme was immensely popular as our clients were able to budget accurately for their future security costs. We were by then employing a total of thirty-nine people. 

We once again, changed the name of the business from Alert Burglar Alarms to Alert Security Systems as by then, the concept of “Security” was all-encompassing, as opposed to “Burglar Alarms” which we felt did not inform potential clients that our services were all-inclusive rather than just the sale and installation of Burglar Alarm systems.  

By now, the SAPS was no longer responding to alarm calls reported and we, as were many other alarm companies,  forced to establish our own  armed response division,  All Force Alarm Response.

As a great deal of our business was in Somerset West and Stellenbosch, we opened an office in Somerset West, with  a Control Room, admin staff and two installation teams and a branch of our Armed Response service .

In 1996, ADT came onto the South African scene and at towards the end of 1997, we sold our Claremont Control Room operation to them, on condition that they would continue to service our clients and also to provide service to any new clients.  One year later, they purchased our Somerset West Control Room and approximately two years after that, our Stellenbosch Control Room.

Alert Security Systems continues to sell and service security installations, servicing both our own alarm installations as well as existing installations installed by other companies.

Not only is a large part of our present business the installation  and  servicing  existing Security systems, but we continue to provide a myriad of new security-related services, some of which include :-

  • Passive and Active Infrared detection systems, Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Perimeter detection
  • Wired and wireless Gate intercom systems – Audio only or audio & Video
  • Access Control and remote locking systems
  • Closed Circuit TV systems with on and off-site monitoring and recording
  • Closed Circuit IP TV systems with remote monitoring via Cell phone 
  • Biometric time recording and access control systems
  • Panic Button systems for the Aged
  • Smoke and fire detection systems
  • Armed Response and Guarding through our affiliated company ADT Security



Some of our clients, who have benefited in the past from our expertise in the Security or Security related industry are 


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