The trend in security systems has changed over the past few years, with the introduction by equipment manufacturers and suppliers, of reliable external detection devices. We find that many of our clients now wish to install outdoor perimeter systems in addition to their indoor protection, giving a clear warning when the grounds are entered, rather than only when the house system is breached.  The obvious advantage of this type of system is that one may move about freely in the home, knowing that the alarm will activate if the property is entered. 

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These outdoor detectors are easily added to existing systems and are of course often also incorporated when installing a new system.

It is not always feasible or even necessary to install  wiring to these  detectors as they are all available in both  a hard-wired and wire-free configuration. This wire-free option applies to nearly all systems, whether indoor or outdoor detectors are to be installed. The wire-free systems of course, make for an  exceptionally  neat and unobtrusive alarm  installation. 

When the system incorporates outdoor system detectors, it is necessary to install additional indicators and these systems are nearly always controlled remotely, with the controller incorporating a ‘Panic Button’ which is capable of being operated within 50 to a 100 metres from the house.

Whilst there are a number of ‘special use’ detectors available,  the most commonly used outdoor detectors comprise mainly  three types :-

A  dual projection Passive Infrared detector which provides coverage of 12 metres on either side of the detector in a  wide horizontal areas.  


An active infrared barrier beam consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, these detectors are commonly known as “point-to-point” beams.  


A  wide-angle Passive Infrared detector which will cover at an angle of 120 degrees with a range of approximately 12 metres. An alternative  version of this detector is available, with a narrower detection angle and shorter range of 5 metres.  

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